Are you listening? Can you see me?

“Are you listening, Can you see me?”

“Are you listening, Can you see me?” is a body of work that challenges the notion of how we see sound. Whether it’s the sound of someone breathing, a clap of thunder or a piece of music, it evokes an emotion. Noise can be disruptive and frightening, whereas music can evoke a range of sensations from calm to excitement. Music timelines events and makes it personal.

This artwork demonstrates sound visible through a process called cymatics, the art and science of visualising sound. Whilst useful for analysing complex sounds, it makes for complex and beautiful patterns.

This exhibition invites the viewer to challenge what they hear and question what they see. The pieces are made using resin, and pigments. The true medium is of course sound. Each piece is made using a different sound. This body of work questions, taunts and encourages the audience to imagine what kind of sound created the object.

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