Belonging, being, becoming

“belonging, being and becoming”

This body of work titled “belonging, being and becoming” is about searching for a sense of place and a need to belong. It’s about expectations, lies, secrets, disappointments and memories that keep you feeling like damaged goods. As a woman, this is a very personal journey thats hard to talk about. This work become my voice, it speaks for me.

Having always experimented with art, I needed to immerse myself in this project. I had this urge to express those pent-up emotions and find my voice and whilst I’m not quite there yet, I’m certainly in a better place. 2019 was a challenging year of facing fears and embracing the uncertainty of the future.

For the past five years I had been developing a process that makes beautiful and complex patterns using sound, whilst experimenting with techniques and mediums, it was important that the work be transparent. Transparency, it appears, is key to healing and evolving as a person and equally as a woman. Art and music saved me and helped me emerge from a very dark place. I want this work to inspire and encourage others and give HOPE, such a powerful word, the light at the end of the tunnel.

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