Lorraine Simiana Studio

About me

Lorraine Simiana is a Sydney based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Lorraine found her niche in abstract painting and has since experimented with different mediums discovering a technique using resin with the help of sound, produced mesmerising pieces. The works are incandescent, illuminating, transparent and the tactile nature of the artwork gives the impression of being fluid. 

This work takes her on a journey of personal growth from feeling broken and lost, lacking identity to overcoming struggles and finding her place in the world. The art has become her voice and speaks for her when she struggles to express herself. 

Lorraine hopes that viewers will be inspired by the work and that it inspires them when they too are struggling. Her choice of resin as a medium was because of its fluid appearance finding it soothing and calming. Transparency of this work was key, as in life transparency gets you closer to the truth. She enjoys the transparency of the medium and bringing it to life using colour and finally using sound as a vehicle to make this work was simply because of her love of music.  
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