Lorraine Simiana Studio

About me

Lorraine Simiana is a Sydney based artist with a BA Fine Arts in painting. Painting is a form of expression and she found her niche in abstract painting. Since then her work has been experimental and has evolved into a form of art made using sound. The work is transparent and with loads of colour, at times is incandescent and illuminating. The materials and techniques she uses are original, creating a transcendental experience.

This work has been part of a personal journey of feeling broken and not having a voice. She has struggled to find herself and having overcome much, still struggles. The art has become her voice and speaks for her when she struggles to express herself. 

Lorraine hopes that viewers will be inspired by the work and hopes that it inspires them find their voices when they too are struggling. Her chosen medium is resin because its fluid form was soothing and calming. She loves the transparency of the resin and bringing it to life using colour.

Lorraine continues to experiment with mediums and techniques, having discovered a way to combine sound and resin, her two favourite mediums.

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